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Baptiste Power Yoga Sunday 10-11:15am Oct. 6, Nov. 17, Dec. 1, Jan. 5, Feb. 2

Saturday, September 14th
Sleep Better Than Ever with Yoga Workshop
Saturday, October 12th, 1-4pm, $55

Workshop Description
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never practiced yoga before, or if you’re an experienced yogi “Sleep Better Than Ever Yoga Therapy Series” is for you!

Learn easy and effective tools to improve your sleep quality, start implementing micro-movements that can change your life in a HUGE way, become more focused and energized.
Get ready to…
– Change your life.
– Sleep better than ever.
– Relax and unwind.
– Feel more centered and happy.
– Learn 3 a.m. practices, quick tips to help you transition back to sleep.
– Learn simple breathing and meditation techniques to quiet the mind and practice anytime you need them.
– Align your muscles and prevent pain with gentle and effective stretches (Positional Therapy).
– Meet like-minded souls and make friends.
– Receive the gift of yoga therapy

Not sleeping is the tip of an iceberg – it’s an indication of a deeper issue. You might be chronically stressed, in pain, feeling overwhelmed, and/or experiencing anxiety and depression. Missing out on sleep is actually costing you more than you think: it costs you money, energy, and your peace of mind. Why not start learning to sleep better today?

Join Monica Le Baron for a gentle yoga therapy workshop where you will learn and practice techniques to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind before bedtime to help improve your life and sleep better than ever.
About Monica:
Monica was anxious, chronically stressed, and suffering from insomnia and pain. She felt unloved, unworthy, and unhappy with her body and life. After years of trauma, hiding her emotions, and being in an unhappy marriage, she developed depression.

She looked everywhere for help, but it was only when she discovered yoga therapy that her life began to change: she started sleeping, she experienced less anxiety, and her mood improved. She rediscovered joy and took ownership of her healing and happiness.

Monica seeks to help others embrace their own self-healing journey with confidence and fearlessness, empowered to face inner wounds, sleep better and live a joyful life as pain-free as possible.

Monica Le Baron is an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga (RYT-500), a Kripalu 800-Hour Professional Yoga Therapist in training, a Reiki practitioner, and a neuromuscular-body alignment expert. She trained with renowned neuromuscular therapist Lee Albert and the founder of Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT), Joseph Le Page.

Monica holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and graduated with honors from her MBA. During 2010-2017, she lived and worked in both Sweden & China where she founded Monikards. Learn more about Monica´s work at

Reclaim Your Power, Make Peace with Your Shadow with Melissa Carroll
Sunday, October 13th, 10-Noon, $25 Investment

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung

There are aspects of ourselves we’ve judged, hidden, and shamed — this is often referred to as the Shadow Self. Yet no matter how we may try to deny these shadow aspects, they influence our thoughts and behaviors in powerful ways. With compassion and lightheartedness, this workshop will guide you to acknowledge and connect to your authentic self from a space of wholeness, worthiness, and belonging.

Throughout your life you’ve likely been told how you “should” act, who you “should” be, how you “should” look. These “shoulds/shouldnt’s” become conditioned beliefs that also get stored in the Shadow.

In this workshop, Melissa Carroll, E-RYT 500, will introduce the concepts of the shadow self and explore the multidimensional qualities you possess. Through journaling, inner work, and guided meditation, you will begin to integrate your shadow side and bring it into the light. This process invites you to cultivate self-acceptance and reclaim your inner power.

Please Note: No experience necessary (except being human). The workshop will not include any physical yoga practice.

Share Some Energy Here $20


FRIDAY, Nov. 8th, 7-9pm, $35 – Philosophy In Asana Classes – A Conundrum How To Clearly Teach & Practice Yoga Philosophy In Asana Classes Lecture & Discussion + Practice SATURDAY, Nov. 9th, 11-2pm, $50 Yoga For Everybody & Anybody – The Group Class Dilemma The Exclusivity and Injurious Factors Affecting Classes Today & How To Solve Them Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply SATURDAY, Nov. 9th, 3-6pm, $50 Yoga’s Not Fitness – The Fitness/Not Fitness Paradox Current Student Expectations, How To Meet Them Ethically & Without Appropriating Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply SUNDAY, Nov. 10th 9-Noon, $50 Just Laying Around – The “Restoratives Have Value” Quandary Aversions To Being Still + Changing The “No Pain No Gain” Misconception Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply SUNDAY Nov. 10th, 1-4pm, $50 The Class Planning & Information Overload Rut – Solving The Purposeful Creativity Obstacle Introducing New Information And Change Into Class Plans With Clarity & Purpose Lecture & Discussion + Practice + How To Apply BUNDLE AND SAVE $45 – All 5 Workshops for $190

Restorative Yoga and Crystal Bowls

Saturday, December 7th, 2-3:30, $20 Gift yourself self care. Restorative yoga uses props to enhance your relaxation experience accompanied by the soothing sounds of the crystal bowls. This class is limited to 12 spaces. Reserve your space early.

CPR, AED & First Aide Training with Shad
Saturday, March 7th 1-4pm, $65 reserve your space here

Shad Kirshenbaum, Owner/Instructor of SAVE A LIFE CPR is a Firefighter/Paramedic, holding 2 degrees one in Pre-Chiropractic and one in EMS. He is a certified instructor for The American Heart Association and American Health and Safety Institute; certified as a CPR, First Aid, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Blood Borne Pathogen, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and EKG instructor.

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