Events and Workshops

July 20th, Reserve your drum here!

Baptiste Power Yoga Sunday 10-11:15am, July 21, August 4, Sept. 1, Oct. 6, Nov. 3 and Dec. 1

Self Care Investment $20

Chakra Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshop with Larissa Carlson
Thursday, September 12th 5:30-8:30pm, $50 reserve your space here

Chakras are powerful energy centers in the body, each intimately connected with specific emotions (e.g. security, creativity, will-power, love). Through the challenges of life, we often unknowingly create physical and emotional blocks in the chakras, closing ourselves off from feeling fully alive. Yoga can access these power centers and open them up.

Discover powerful yogic techniques to enliven, purify, and strengthen each of the seven chakras main chakras (and learn about seven lower chakras, too!). This invigorating workshop includes detoxifying asana, pranayama, meditation, Bija mantra, and brief journaling practices specifically chosen to access each of the seven chakras. 
Then, deeply relax with a guided body scan meditation (yoga nidra). Leave feeling fresh, open, and revitalized!

Note: Not recommended for pregnancy or heart conditions. Bring a pen for journaling. 

Events, workshops and specialty classes are non refundable.