Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Buffy La Roux, 1st Saturday of each month, 11am-12:30pm, Investment $20

Join Cosmic Sound Healer Buffy La Roux as she facilitates a high vibratory journey of Sound through time and space. During this deeply meditative and transformative experience, Buffy guides us inward through a sound bath of deeply shifting vocal toning, singing, frequencies and quartz crystal singing bowls. Each Crystal Sound Bath is a unique symphony and a dance of the collective energies present for the Well Being of All and the Amplification of Love.

Buffy La Roux is an Intuitive Empathic Healer/Channel of Divine Light, Energetic Hacker, Cosmic Shamanaut, Cosmic Sound Healer, Ordained Minister of the Light (Pnematikoi), Reiki Master/Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist MA80893 and all around goofy, lovable eclectic human. Learn more about Buffy here.

Toddler Yoga 3-7 years old

Thursday, June 1st-June 29th, 9:30-10:30am, $50/5 or $13 drop in

Join Allison, yoga teacher and full time Disney entertainer from 1997-2016 for a 5 week series of yoga FUN! These age appropiate classes include mindful play, story time, calming breathing techniques, yoga poses that encourage healthy posture and coordination, anatomy, music and deep relaxation.

Kids Yoga 8-12 years old

Thursday, June 1st-June 29th, 11-12pm, $5o/5 or $13 drop in

Join Allison, yoga teacher and Disney entertainer from 1997-2016 for this age appropriate, 5 week series. These classes include mindful play, building self esteem and self confidence, team building activities, calming breathing techniques, yoga poses that encourage healthy posture, balance and coordination, a greater understanding of anatomy, music and deep relaxation, focus and concentration techniques.                                                                                    

Hair of the Downdog

Sunday July 9th, 11-12pm, $15

Join us at Grove Roots Brewing once a month for a fun yoga class followed by a delicious ice cold beer and some like minded folks. Buy your ticket here

 MEN! What do yoga and golf have in common?

Saturday, July 15th, 11-12pm, $13 (class passes accepted)

Men! What do Golf and the ancient practice of Yoga have in common??? They both were created, practiced and played only by MEN. In fact the very word “Golf” was originally coined as an acronym which meant: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. Take back the tradition and come to this men’s only yoga event at Inside Out Yoga. Yoga can help you manage stress; alleviate back pain; and increase your energy and mental clarity. Heck, it may even help improve your golf swing. Everything you ever wanted to know about yoga but were afraid to ask; or the class was full of girls and you just couldn’t get word in. Taught by Allison DeCaro; yes, she’s a girl, but she’s willing wear a moustache for the occasion.

 Energy 101 with Buffy

Saturday, July 29th, 1-3pm, $35

Join Buffy LaRoux in this fun and interactive activity based workshop on “All Things Energy”. This introductory class provides an introduction to using crystals, sound and hands on healing for personal and intuitive development. Activities will be geared toward using your 5 senses and your 6th sense to develop the ability to sense energy.  Reserve Your Space Here

Karma Yoga, 2nd Sunday of each month, 10-11am


This is a donation based class (give what you can).  ALL proceeds benefit local charities.

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