Monthly Events

 **Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Buffy La Roux, 1st Saturday of each month, 11-12:30pm,     Investment $20

** Hair of the downdog  – A fun yoga class at Grove Roots  Brewing Co. followed by a beer. One Sunday per month. Please check our  schedule or facebook page for details. $15

** Karma Yoga – 2nd Sunday of each month, 10-11am, Donations only, all proceeds benefit local organizations.


POP UP CLASS, Warm Yoga, Friday, July 27th, 6-7pm with Sandra Deck 

Regular Class Pricing.

5 Element Theory Workshop with Acupuncturist, Kate Costello

Saturday, August 25th 2-4pm, $25 investment

Join Acupuncturist, Kate Costello for Understanding Five Element Theory For a Healthier Life

Our bodies and our health are directly affected by our environment.  This lecture will be and introduction to the Five Element theory used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • We will discuss the four seasons and the corresponding element.
  • How are bodies change seasonally.
  • The organs in the body according to Five Element Theory.
  • Understanding the emotions using Five Element Theory.

We will explore the body, mind and spirit by gaining a better understanding of ever changing cycles of our beautiful planet.  In Chinese Medicine, no single part can be understood except as it relates to the whole. This is a holistic look at the intricate relationship between us and mother nature.

Just Breath Workshop with Kelly Andrews

Saturday, Sept. 8th 1-3pm, $30 self care investmentIn this Restorative Yoga workshop, you will experience gentle, supported yoga postures coupled with basic breathing & meditation techniques. Class participants are encouraged to relax, release and let go while cultivating Space to connect with Self. Please dress comfortably.
Yoga aligns the body, mind, spirit and emotions. It can bring focus, calm, and ease to those looking for inner peace.


Leslie Kaminoff is COMING BACK! Saturday, October 5th and Sunday October 6th.          Early Bird Pricing til 8/1. $ave $25.


Ongoing Therapeutic Education for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners

Leslie Kaminoff offers health-based workshops geared specifically to aspiring and experienced practitioners, teachers and movement professionals. Leslie will lead movement explorations and discussions in which he shares techniques he’s developed over the past four decades working therapeutically with groups and individuals.

Saturday morning: Introduction to Healing Through Breath-Centered Yoga

Leslie’s therapeutic approach to yoga, inspired by his studies with T.K.V. Desikachar, puts the central focus on two crucial elements: the breath, and the specific needs of the individual. In addition, promoting healing through yoga is based on the perspective that there’s always more going right for a person than has gone wrong.

Sunday morning: Preventing and Healing Injuries through Yoga

Injuries occur when we provoke too much movement from too few places. Leslie will demonstrate teaching language that permits him to teach group classes while cultivating individual experiences, exploring practical modifications and creative use of breath, language and imagery, as well as simple hands-on assists.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons: Case Studies and Clinical Observation

Case studies and clinical observation are a perennial favorite for students around the world and provides an opportunity for Leslie to re-create the context in which he learned the one-on-one application of yoga from his teacher, T.K.V.Desikachar. While being observed by the group, guest clients will have a unique opportunity to work with Leslie on specific anatomical issues, build awareness of their particular pattern of holding tension and receive support and encouragement from a group of people interested in their wellness. Early Pricing til August 1st. Save $25!



Workshops/Special Classes are non-refundable