Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Buffy La Roux, 1st Saturday of each month (thru June)  11am-12:30pm, Investment $20

Join Cosmic Sound Healer Buffy La Roux as she facilitates a high vibratory journey of Sound through time and space. During this deeply meditative and transformative experience, Buffy guides us inward through a sound bath of deeply shifting vocal toning, singing, frequencies and quartz crystal singing bowls. Each Crystal Sound Bath is a unique symphony and a dance of the collective energies present for the Well Being of All and the Amplification of Love.

Buffy La Roux is an Intuitive Empathic Healer/Channel of Divine Light, Energetic Hacker, Cosmic Shamanaut, Cosmic Sound Healer, Ordained Minister of the Light (Pnematikoi), Reiki Master/Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist MA80893 and all around goofy, lovable eclectic human. Buffy’s journey of energetic awareness began as a child, but kicked into high gear in 2007 with an abrupt awakening, a sort of rapid fire spiritual boot camp that drastically shifted her perception of “reality”. Through her own healing journey and extensive hours spent in the service of helping others she is a powerful conduit for the updated paradigm of consciousness and awakening energies. Spirit works through Buffy in the form of singing and speaking in multiple celestial languages. This one of a kind experience deletes programming, density in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, activates ancient dormant DNA and moves participants into the expansive state of clarity, growth and purpose. 

Intro to Yoga with Allison: This is a 4 week series offered in April, Fridays from 8-9am

Allison DeCaro

Week 1)  yoga history, introduction to breathing and postures                                                                          Week 2) 8 limbs of yoga, review, breathing, intro to more postures                                                                 Week 3) focus on alignment in postures and  sun salutation, review                                                                 Week 4) Putting in all together                                                                                                                                      This class is offered those who brand new to yoga, or would like to review their basic skills. Upon completion you will have the tools to begin your yoga journey.

Geri Ross offers: Yoga, Getting Started: Everything You Wanted To Know About Yoga, But were Afraid to Ask. geri-ross

Saturday April 15th and 22nd, 11-12:30pm, $30 for both classes.

To include: Basic History of Yoga, Origin, Movement to the West, Yogic Philosophy, Different Yoga Styles, Yamas/Niyamas, Breath Practice/Pranayama, The flow of a Yoga Class/What to Expect in a class (as a consumer), Asana/Standing/Seated/Balancing/Strengthening

These informative classes with include info, Q & A, handouts, and of course physical practice.



KARMA YOGA – 2nd Sunday of each month, 10-11am

This is a donation based class (give what you can).  ALL proceeds benefit the Human Society of Polk County.


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