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**Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Buffy La Roux, 1st Saturday of each month, 11-12:30pm,     Investment $20

** Hair of the downdog Sunday, January 7th- a fun yoga class at Grove Roots  Brewing Co. followed by a beer. One Sunday per month. Please check our  schedule or facebook page for details. $15 Buy Your Ticket Here.

** Karma Yoga – 2nd Sunday of each month, 10-11am, Donations only, all proceeds benefit local organizations.

                             WORKSHOPS/SPECIAL CLASSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE                                   

 Relax and Restore for the Holiday Season  

Saturday, December 9th, 2-4pm, $35 self care investment

Buffy La Roux and Jody Reece present:
Relax and Restore for the holiday season
Does the holiday season stress you out too?
This class will include:
Easy to use energy exercises (affirmations and visualizatoins) to reduce and eliminate attachments, restorative yoga accompanied by the sonic sounds of the crystal bowls, aromatherapy and crystals.
Please wear comfortable clothing. Blocks, bolsters, blankets and some eye pillows are available for your comfort. Space is limited to 12 students.  
Reserve your space here.  


Yoga Nidra (Divine Sleep)  

Sunday, December 17th, 4:45-6pm, $20 self care investment

Yoga Nidra  is also known as yogic sleep. Jody Reece, 200 ERYT, YACEP will begin with a brief explanation, then lead you through a gentle, light, grounding physical yoga practice,  guided deep full body relaxation to induced a deep meditative state of consciousness.
Wear comfortable clothing. Blocks, bolsters, blankets and some eye pillows are available for your comfort. Space limited.  Reserve your space here

Love Your Shoulders  

Saturday, February 17th, 1-3pm, $25 Reserve Your Space Here.

Join Geri Ross for a gentle workshop focusing on shoulder mobility versus stability in yoga practice.

This workshop will include:

  • Basic anatomy of your rotator cuff muscles
  • An understanding of other muscles used to move your shoulders
  • Important techniques to keep your shoulders healthy
  • Q & A
  • Handouts
  • A yoga sequence to warm up your shoulders and practice utilizing the techniques learned in the workshop

Come ready to learn how important your shoulders are in your yoga practice.   Enhance your practice through knowledge of how best your body works in certain poses. Wear comfortable clothing and bring something to write with.

A fun few hours of learning together, practicing together, and, of course, time for Savasana (never forget the gentle way to end every practice).

Workshops are non-refundable

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